K9 NoseWork

K9 NoseWork is a great way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and use lots of mental energy while also building your dog's desire to hunt.

We offer 6 week classes from Intro thru Elite levels, all taught by NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructors (CNWI).

Sniffing For Fun!

"Sniffing for Fun" class starts on Tuesday, May 18th at 5:30 PM with Certified Nosework Instructor Debbie Kiernan, CNWI!

Looking for something to do with your dog this winter?
Finished puppy class and want to keep training?
This 6 week course will allow your dog to explore his environment using his nose!
We will use food rewards
and games to develop your dog’s confidence and hunt drive.
Come find out why scent sports are so popular!
The cost of the class is $180.00. Class size is strictly limited to 6 dogs.
Call 508-553-9300 to register.

Intro to Nose Work

This 3 part course starts the process of building your dog's drive to hunt and the desire to play the game.
Intro level courses are divided into (3) six week segments:
1. Intro to K9 Nose Work® classes introduce dogs to the “game” and awaken the hunt drive in the dogs, while encouraging the dogs to search high and low, around barriers, and using wind, to find their treats in and out of boxes.
2. Intro to Venues, expands the search area to include interior rooms, exterior areas and vehicles.
3. Intro To Odor, imprints the odors of birch, anise and clove on the dogs, with the ultimate goal of having the dogs hunt to find a tin containing scent that has been hidden in a room, outdoors or on a car and indicate that “find” to the handler.
Pam & Obi on Odor.jpg

NW1, NW2, NW3 and Elite Trial Prep

Once your dog completes all of the Intro level courses, you move into an NW 1 Trial Prep class.
Dogs work on specific hide problems based on their level of training to prepare for entry in a Nose Work trial.