As of Sat., May 29th, mask wearing will be optional for the fully vaccinated. Those who are unvaccinated are supposed to be on the honor system to still wear masks. Since there is no way to enforce that, mask wearing will become optional as of May 29th, inside and outside of MasterPeace, until and unless the rules are changed again. We still suggest that people do their best to maintain a 6' social distance, for safety's sake. 
We thank you for your past and continued cooperation during this past year!
For prompt attention, if you are interested in signing up or re-registering for any of our classes, please call or email the office; we have transitioned away from online sign-ups and payments for all classes.  Please do not use the prior PayPal link to pay for classes.  
All payments for classes must be made in person either by cash, check, credit card or phone app, or made by calling the office.

MasterPeace Dog Training

Peaceful training for dog and master


Pet Obedience Classes

All pet obedience classes are taught using positive reinforcement to help you teach your dog to become the pet and household member you would like him to be. Training your dog strengthens your bond, and greatly enhances your relationship.

Each class runs for 50 minutes, once per week. For example, Beginner Pet Obedience listed on Tuesday is from 7:30 – 8:20 PM every week and will run for 7 weeks. The first class of Puppy Kindergarten & Beginner Pet Obedience meets without dogs, in order to familiarize you with our training methods and allow us to answers any questions or concerns you may be having at home.

Puppy Kindergarten



This is a 7 week course for puppies from 8-20 weeks of age (24 weeks for small breeds) at the start of class (puppies do not attend the first class). It is comprised of basic training in puppy manners, puppy socialization, and behavior management. You will learn how to teach your puppy to come when called, walk nicely on leash, sit, lie down, stay, greet people politely, and more. Puppies will interact with each other to help them grow up able to relate to other dogs in a friendly manner. Home management issues such as biting, barking, house training, and jumping will be discussed.

Graduate Puppy

Puppy with grad cap.jpg


This is a 7 week course for puppies under a year old that have completed puppy kindergarten. As we continue to develop a good working relationship with our puppies, we advance previously taught behaviors and begin some distance and off-leash work. Socialization continues to be a vital part of training.

Beginner Pet Obedience

Focused Dalmation.jpg


This is a 7 week course for dogs over 5 months of age who have had no previous formal training (dogs do not attend the first class). The curriculum is similar to that of Puppy Kindergarten, but geared towards the older dog. Emphasis will be on the application of training to daily life and on strengthening your relationship with your dog.

Continuing Ed & CGC Prep


$185 for Continuing Education (7 wks) 

$160 for CGC Prep (5 wks)

Training your dog is an ongoing process. This course follows our beginner course, advancing previously taught behaviors and beginning more advanced behaviors. This course can lead to completing Canine Good Citizen Exams, Therapy Dog Certification, or entering obedience competition.


Distracted & Reactive Dog Classes


Reactive Dog 1 & 2 Classes

Reactive Dog 1 & 2 classes

Learn how to calm, alter, and re-shape your dog’s reactive displays using practical applications that work!

 Does your dog “react” to other dogs? Does he bark or lunge at the end of the leash? Is he aggressive with people?

 Using techniques from Emma Parson’s book Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog, we will teach you how to:

—Desensitize your dog to approaching strange dogs

—Take hold of your dog’s collar without being bitten

—Teach your dog to perform canine calming signals on cue

—Use your body language when under stress to cue your dog to remain calm


Distracted Dog Classes


Does your dog get distracted easily? Then Distracted Dogs is the class for you! This class will help your dog learn self control and become the focused, confident dog of your dreams!

Learn how to create a focused, confident dog who can work around lots of distractions, especially other dogs. This class is based on the book Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt. Games and exercises take place during class to help your dog practice attention.

Dogs must have completed a basic obedience class.

Agility course.jpg

Agility Classes

Agility is a dog-sport which may be done for both fun and competition.Handlers direct their dogs through a series of obstacles; jumps, tunnels, dog-walks, A-frames, weavepoles, etc.

Basic Obedience is a prerequisite for Agility Courses. (Participation in either Puppy Kindergarten or Beginner Pet fulfills this requirement.)

Foundation Agility for Puppies


Build a solid foundation in agility with your puppy by gently introducing the concept of following your hand direction, getting used to walking on a plank on the ground (for the dog walk), getting used to the ground moving beneath the puppy’s feet (for the see saw) with the help of a wobble board, and much more.


Competition Obedience Classes

Our competition instructors have each titled many dogs and are currently involved in training and competing with their own dogs. In addition, the instructors have many students succeeding in the competition arena.

Competition Obedience Classes

Starting at $180

Introduction, Novice, Open and Utility Levels offered.

Dog and human high five.jpg

Our Philosophy

At MasterPeace we use time proven positive training methods.

As you know, a well mannered dog makes life good for master, dog, family and friends. He, or she, is able to participate in all aspects of the owner’s life. Our dogs want to be with us and love to figure out what we are trying to say. The dog is healthier and happier if he, or she, knows what is expected, and it is great to know how to communicate that without stress or anger.
No two instructors are exactly alike, but at MasterPeace we use time proven positive training methods. We find that when training is fun for both dog and handler, both look forward to training sessions, pay more attention, train more often in daily life, and come back for more! From Puppy Kindergarten to Beginning Pet Classes (and up through competitive rankings), we have found positive training methods to be effective and fun. Not only do our clients train certain behaviors in class, but will understand the principles behind the training so that they may continue to train throughout their dog’s life. In each class, we try to leave time for questions and answers so that individual issues can be addressed.


About MasterPeace Dog Training …

MasterPeace Dog Training Center is a full-service dog training center. Our classes include Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Pet Obedience, Continuing Education, Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Nose Work, and other specialty classes. We are often adding new classes and events!
We teach using positive methods of training including clicker training, and are committed to teaching you to train your dog in a way that is not only effective, but fun for you and your dog.

Dog owners can begin training their dog as early as 8 weeks of age, since Puppy Kindergarten classes are designed for puppies 8 weeks up to 5 months old at the start of class; Beginner Pet Obedience classes are for those dogs who are 5 months old or older. A well-mannered dog is able to fully participate in their human’s life; be safe in doing so; and are not likely to develop behavioral problems. From Puppy Kindergarten or Beginner Pet Obedience, clients can move on to Graduate Puppy or Continuing Education Classes or more advanced obedience or specialty classes.


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Best Directions:

Find your best route to Exit #43 (the old Exit #17) off Rte 495. Follow Rte 140 South for approximately 1 mile. Turn right onto Fisher Street and go to the end, passing over the railroad tracks. We are the last building on the left.


Local Hotels:

Closest (as of 12/19/19):

Hampton Inn – 508-520-2999 – Franklin, MA – Service dogs only, no other dogs allowed
Best Western Plus Executive Residency – 508-553-3500 – Franklin, MA – Pets: $25/night, up to $150/wk; ADA defined service animals are exempt from this fee
Residence Inn – 508-541-8188 – Franklin, MA – Pets: $125 fee per stay

Other Good Bets (as of 12/19/19):

LaQuinta Inn – 508-478-8243 – Milford, MA – Pets: dogs only, $20/per dog per night
Red Roof Inn – 508-339-2323 – Mansfield, MA – Pets: no fee
Red Roof Inn – 508-481-3904 – Southborough, MA – Pets: no fee
Motel 6 – 508-366-0202 – Westboro, MA – Pets: 2 dogs under 60 lbs, no fee
Holiday Inn – 508-339-2200 – Mansfield, MA – Pets: no pets
Holiday Inn Express – 508-634-1054 – Milford, MA – Pets: $35 fee per dog per night
Holiday Inn Express – 401-769-5000 – Woonsocket, RI – Pets: Service dogs only, no other dogs allowed
Doubletree – 508-478-7010 – Milford, MA – Service dogs only, no other dogs allowed
Doubletree – 508-366-5511 – Westboro, MA – Service dogs only, no other dogs allowed