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Ronni, one of our Puppy Kindergarten instructors, with her Toller, Digby, winning 1st place at a recent Obedience trial.

Class Descriptions


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Canine Good Citizen


Obedience Courses

Puppy Kindergarten:  This is a 7 week course for puppies from 8-18 weeks of age at the start of class.  It is comprised of basic training in puppy manners, puppy socialization, and behavior management.  You will learn how to teach your puppy to come when called, walk nicely on leash, sit, lie down, stay, greet people politely, and more.  Puppies will interact with each other to help them grow up able to relate to other dogs in a friendly manner.  Home management issues such as biting, barking, house training, and jumping will be discussed.

Graduate Puppy:  This is a 7 week course for puppies under a year old that have completed puppy kindergarten.  As we continue to develop a good working relationship with our puppies, we advance previously taught behaviors and begin some distance and off-leash work.  Socialization continues to be a vital part of training.

Beginner Pet Obedience:  This is a 7 week course for dogs over 5 months of age who have had no previous formal training.  The curriculum is similar to that of Puppy Kindergarten, but geared towards the older dog.  Emphasis will be on the application of training to daily life and on strengthening your relationship with your dog.

Continuing Education:  Training your dog is an ongoing process.  This course follows our beginner course, advancing previously taught behaviors and beginning more advanced behaviors.  This course can lead to completing Canine Good Citizen Exams, Therapy Dog Certification, or entering obedience competition.

Agility Courses

Basic Obedience is a prerequisite for Agility Courses.  (Participation in either Puppy Kindergarten or Beginner Pet fulfills this requirement.)

Beginner Agility:  This is a 6 week course which safely introduces the obstacles and begins small sequences.  This may be taken as a prelude to competition or just for fun.

Intermediate Agility:  This is a 6 week class for dogs who have had one or more beginner classes and are relatively comfortable with all the obstacles.  As the dogs progress through training, they improve their timing and skills on all obstacles, as the handlers also improve their timing and training skills.  Sequencing of obstacles is introduced when dogs and handlers can complete a novice course.

Small Dog Agility - Come and let your small dog take class with like-minded furry friends while you concentrate on techniques that work well for a small dog.

Agility Run-thrus:  Practice running an agility course at the novice, open, or excellent level in an atmosphere of positive training.

Competition Agility:  We offer 6 week classes up through advanced levels geared specifically for the agility competitor.

Agility Handling Skills: This 6 week course will help you get ready for competition while improving your skills as well as your dog's.

Competition Classes

Our competition instructors have each titled many dogs and are currently involved in training and competing with their own dogs.  In addition, the instructors have many students succeeding in the competition arena.

A Positive Introduction to Competition Obedience: This is an 8 week course designed to teach the basic skills necessary to progress from Companion Dog through Utility and beyond.  Attention, heeling, front, finish, sit, down, stay, jumping, retrieving and more is covered in this positive reward based class.  

Novice, Open and Utility:  This 8 week course goes beyond the introductory course and continues to work on the skills needed for competition obedience.  Emphasis is on making competition obedience positively rewarding for dog and handler.

Obedience Run-Thrus & Drop-ins:  Practice the Novice, Open, and Utility routines as performed in the competition ring, but in an atmosphere of training and positive reinforcement.

Other Offerings:


Breed Handling:  These classes are for those who would like to show in the conformation ring.  Basic ring procedures are taught with the emphasis on making the best presentation possible.

Canine Good Citizen:  The Canine Good Citizen is a test sanctioned by the AKC in which the dog demonstrates his skill in exercises such as come, walk on loose leash, sit and stay.  This class will concentrate on the specific exercises your dog must perform in order to pass.

Rally Obedience:  Rally Obedience is a timed course using directional signs to guide the handler through the course.  The team of dog and handler heel from sign to sign and perform the exercises indicated by the sign at that location.  One of the exceptional features of Rally Obedience is that handlers may talk to their dogs, giving them praise, encouragement, or give repeated commands or hand signals.  Rally emphasizes fun and excitement.  See our class schedule for times and dates.  (Either Puppy Kindergarten or Beginning Obedience are required pre-requisites.)

Freestyle: Dance with your dog to music! This is a 6 week course where your dog will learn tricks and you will choreograph a routine. Beginner obedience is a pre-requisite.

Reactive Dog: This 7 week course uses clicker training to teach you some new tools to better handle your reactive dog.

Nose Work:  This fun, scent detection course is great for all dogs: it helps shy dogs develop confidence, and allows energetic dogs to burn that energy by using their nose and their brain. Dogs are encouraged to hunt to find a tin containing scent that has been hidden in a room, outdoors or on a car and indicate that "find" to the handler.  Classes run for 6 weeks.  No obedience training is necessary.